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Yale debuts two electric rider lift trucks

Yale debuts two electric rider lift trucks

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has launched two new electric rider lift truck models—the three-wheel ERP030-040VT and four-wheel ERP030-040VF. Both truck models provide lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs and a zero turn radius to make the trucks ideal for warehouse applications.

The ERP030-040VT/VF lift trucks’ maneuverability is due to its zero-turn-radius steer axles and dual AC drive motors. These independent, front-wheel motors rotate the drive tires in opposite directions, which places the center of turn between the drive tires.

These lift trucks come with a 36- or 48-volt, low-maintenance AC traction and hydraulic motor. These brushless AC technology motors provide powerful acceleration and faster travel speeds even with a load, while also supporting quick lift and lower speeds.

The trucks also feature four operator performance modes to allow performance to be tailored to a specific use and the operator’s ability. An automatic parking brake sets automatically when the truck stops, reducing operator motion.

Other components of the ERP030-040VT/VF lift trucks include the hydraulic system that features leak-resistant O-ring Face Seal fittings. The hydraulic system also uses a 10-micron filter to capture 99.5% of system debris, keeping the hydraulic fluid clean and extending component life. The truck’s electrical system uses CANbus Technology to reduce wiring and connections, improving the system’s reliability. The sealed connections are more resistant to moisture and debris.

Yale Materials Handling Corp is part of NACCO Materials Handling Group Inc (, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NACCO Industries Inc. For more information or to find a Yale lift truck dealer, call 1-800-233-YALE or visit

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