Yale offers end-rider pallet trucks

Yale offers end-rider pallet trucks

Yale Materials Handling Corp’s MPE060-080VG end-rider pallet trucks are designed for the most demanding cold storage applications. Rigorously engineered and tested to withstand heavier duty cycles than other trucks in its class, the MPE060-080VG, with a capacity range of 6,000 to 8,000 lbs, is the choice for extreme operating conditions.

The firm also offers a galvanized version of the MPE060-080VG with a heavy corrosion/washdown package designed to protect the truck from wet and highly corrosive environments, such as those found in some food processing environments. The galvanized process makes components rust-and corrosion-resistant, making the trucks more FDA- and EPA-friendly, and reducing overall cost of maintenance and operation by eliminating the need for accelerated painting schedules. Even the controller has been closed and sealed to protect it during the washdown process.

Yale spent more than 1,000 hours in an extreme cold storage application to test and prove the strength and durability of the MPE060-080VG. The test was performed without additional undercarriage lubrication to prove the extremes the product could handle before needing service. The results: 1,300+ trailers emptied, 50,000+ pallets moved, 30,000+ dockplate hits, 100,000+ lifts and lowers, 105,000,000 lbs of freight lifted and transported, and 3,000+ miles traveled.

The MPE060-080VG undercarriage uses more robust tie bars, frame sections, linkages, casters and bearings to provide greater strength and stability. That equates to steadier load handling, more uptime, and greater durability. Additional design elements that contribute to durability include:

•Forks reinforced with 25% more steel

•A wide battery box that reduces strain on the undercarriage and linkage

•Bushings that increase lubrication points by 33%

Phone 1-800-233-YALE or visit www.yale.com for more information.

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