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Airclic offers Fresh Perform

Airclic has launched its Fresh Perform product, which automates in-store inventory processes for foodservice operators, resulting in savings, efficiencies, and traceability.

Inventory management in the foodservice industry is extremely complex, from ensuring product freshness and maintaining product availability, to being able to trace each product effectively in the event of a recall,” said Rick Pontin, chief executive officer of Airclic. “With Fresh Perform, store managers are able to eliminate the use of clipboards and other manual inventory processes, resulting in superior inventory control and product freshness.”

Tracking products with or without bar-codes, item-level tracking and reconciliation, compliance with GS1 US barcode standards, real-time expiration and recall alerts and store-to-store inventory transfer workflows are a few of the features of Fresh Perform.

The benefits of Fresh Perform include:

•Real-time in-store inventory management

•Elimination of manual inventory count and data entry processes

•Real-time integration into inventory management systems

•Reduction of wasted product due to expiration

•Increased employee productivity

•Ability to trace products and pull from inventory quickly

•Compliance with FDA Food Traceability Requirements

•Superior brand protection in case of a recall

•Support for multiple brand and franchise models

Visit for more information.

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