Aurora to donate to Colorado food bank

Aurora Organic Dairy, a Boulder CO-based provider of private-label organic milk and butter, announced a partnership with the Weld Food Bank. The Aurora Organic Dairy Foundation will fund regular donations of organic milk and ground beef to help feed the hungry in Colorado's Weld County.

Aurora kicked off the partnership recently with a donation of approximately 600 pounds of ground beef. Local beef processor Northern Beef donated processing of the product. Additionally, Aurora will begin making regular donations of its organic milk to the Weld Food Bank from its processing plant in Platteville CO. Besides the plant, Aurora operates three organic dairy farms in Weld County.

“Over 39 percent of Weld County's children live below the poverty line. That's four times the Colorado state average. Aurora Organic's donation is especially timely when you look at today's increasing costs for food and fuel,” said Karyl Pierpont, resource development director for the Weld Food Bank.

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