Berliner uses Apacheta delivery system

Apacheta, a mobile workflow application vendor, and IntegraSys, a route accounting system provider, announced that Berliner Specialty Distributors is using their joint direct-store-delivery system to automate its sales and distribution processes.

Berliner, a Maryland-based ice cream, specialty, and natural frozen foods distributor, has deployed the IntegraSys-Apacheta system to its 25-plus route sales and delivery personnel, thereby reducing data entry and accounting errors, shortening time-to-delivery, and providing more accurate invoices to customers.

“Our drivers used to carry a six-inch-thick route book containing the complete sales history and information needed to service our customers,” said Joe Lopez, general manager of Berliner. “Those books, which were perpetually out of date, have now been replaced by handhelds running the Apacheta RouteACE mobile solution connected wirelessly to the IntegraSys DSD Manager route accounting host software, which ensures our drivers have up-to-date information to better service our customers and enable them to calculate and print clean, accurate invoices.”

Working with IntegraSys, Berliner has transitioned from paper-based systems to fully automated mobile sales and delivery. The application communicates daily via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with manufacturers such as Unilever to facilitate ordering and provide full visibility into their sales operations. IntegraSys also offers full Scan Based Trading (or consignment-based inventory) functionality, which includes inbound and outbound EDI to and from the retailer.

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