DeltaTrak ThermoTrace TTI labels prove a useful tool to audit seafood shipments

DeltaTrak announced a recent study completed by the University of South Florida shows the ThermoTrace TTI labels from DeltaTrak have a 96.6% correlation when compared with a data logger using degree minutes, and a 93% accuracy versus a data logger using mean kinetic temperature (MKT) calculations.
The ThermoTrace TTI can be interpreted in the same manner as a data logger when evaluating the time above threshold temperature.
ThermoTrace TTI labels have been purposely formulated to meet FDA requirements for monitoring various types of seafood shipments in the cold chain.
“Based on this independent study completed by the University of South Florida, it has been shown that our ThermoTrace TTI labels are a cost-effective way of auditing the seafood supply chain,” said Fred Wu, chief executive officer of DeltaTrak.
ThermoTrace TTI labels are an ideal audit tool when used to monitor the supply chain for compliance with food safety guidelines and regulations. These smart labels integrate temperature monitoring with patented barcode technology to provide accurate data collection and recordkeeping. The label provides a cloud application for data analysis and reporting. Scanning the label will provide the user with an immediate response message indicating temperature and quality of the product being monitored.
Labels can be scanned using either industrial barcode readers or iPhone and Android smartphones. DeltaTrak provides a free, easy-to-use smartphone application available from the iPhone App Store or the Google Play store.
US and international seafood producers and suppliers are inspected and required to have HACCP plans when shipping seafood to US consumers. ThermoTrace TTI labels are a tool to help producers and receivers better understand the quality of their supply chains and protect consumers by only delivering quality, safe seafood.
Contact DeltaTrak by phone at 1-800-962-6776 or by email at [email protected] Additional information can be found online at

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