FoodLink, Locus Traxx form partnership

FoodLink and Locus Traxx Worldwide have announced a strategic partnership to provide a single platform for retailers and their trading partners to track fresh food shipments from point-of-origin to point-of-sale.
Locus Traxx Worldwide provides real-time in-transit temperature monitoring, security, and GPS location alerts to prevent quality issues during transportation of fresh food. FoodLink provides traceability and commerce services over an industrywide network of fresh food buyers, shippers, and growers, directly linking information from a field where food is grown and harvested all the way through packing, shipping, and purchasing by retailers and consumers.
The partnership between FoodLink and Locus Traxx Worldwide brings detailed real-time visibility across a highly fragmented supply chain that can drive significant reduction of waste and improve freshness at the shelf.
By aggregating relevant real-time supply chain data into a single source with easy-to-use analytics, retailers and their trading partners can quickly identify and respond to potential problems as products move from the field to the store. The information drives higher fulfillment rates and fewer rejections at time of receiving, and it enables category managers and merchandisers to predict more accurately the quality and shelf-life of inbound product. The data can have a significant impact on marketing and pricing strategies and lead to a better experience for the consumer. By adding the recently announced “SmartTraxx Go” platform, real-time data can also be applied to any checkout with the click of a button.
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