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Foodservice distribution companies concentrate power

Even as the overall economy languished, the largest US foodservice distribution companies managed to grow and solidify their position at the top of the industry.

Technomic’s recently released Power Distributor Report: The Top 15 defines power distributors as foodservice distribution companies with annual calendar-year sales of $150 million or more. Thirty-five companies were above this threshold, based on 2010 sales performance.

“The predominance of growth is coming from the top,” said Gary Karp, Technomic executive vice-president. “The power distributors control nearly half of all US foodservice distributor sales. Most of the top 35 companies are broadline distributors, and their growth has come at the expense of other broadliners and specialists.”

Providing an overview of the foodservice distribution landscape, the Power Distributor Report: The Top 15 ranks details for all 35 power distributors and offers detailed profiles for each of the 15 largest power distributors.

Findings from the report include:

•Collectively, the 35 power distributors fared better than the industry as a whole, with a sales increase of 5% in 2010.

•Nine of the 35 companies achieved double-digit sales increases in 2010; leading the gainers was Doerle Food Services, which grew 15% to $292 million.

•Nine of the power distributors had annual sales of more than $1 billion, while three passed the $10-billion threshold.

The new report is provided on a complimentary basis to all members of Technomic’s Foodservice Planning Program. It is also available for purchase.

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