Freshly expands ready-made meal delivery

Freshly is becoming the leader in healthy, ready-to-eat meal delivery as it expands to consumers in Texas, while simultaneously rolling out its new, sustainable look: Freshly 2.0.

Delivering close to one million ready-made meals in 2015, Freshly is on track to ship an estimated 5 million meals to 10 West Coast states in 2016.

Freshly’s new features in 2.0 include:

•Packaging with a purpose—Freshly has revamped the way food is kept cold, no longer shipping meals with dry ice and Styrofoam. Food is kept fresh during transit using biodegradable, recycled denim and non-toxic, water-soluble gel packs that are also recyclable. Every portion of Freshly’s packaging will be easy to recycle. Tray sleeves that store each meal will also serve another purpose: educating consumers about the benefits of different foods, common food myths, benefits of mindful eating, and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

•Larger production facility and team—Keeping up with customer demand, the company recently moved from a 10,000-square-foot facility into a 60,000-sq-ft facility in Phoenix AZ. With the new location, Freshly has grown its team from 15 to 128 full-time employees.

•More menu options—Freshly will begin adding four meals each month, while rotating current meal options with new ones. Meal options will increase from 24 choices to 36 chef-created meals for customers later in 2016.

• redesign— The website will attain a new look and feel, including more information about Freshly’s mission to bring convenient, healthy food to customers. In the coming weeks, Freshly will roll out new web features allowing customers to manage their subscriptions up to four weeks in advance, have more control over changing plans on a weekly basis, and the ability to have more than one subscription.

In July 2015, the company closed a Series A financing round of $7 million led by Highland Capital Partners and included White Star Capital and Jason Finger (co-founder of Seamless). After this round of funding, Freshly moved its corporate headquarters to New York City.

Besides Texas, Freshly is available for delivery in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico, and plans to expand to the East Coast in 2016. For more information, see

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