apetito uses SOTI to protect data

Frozen food company turns to SOTI to protect its data on mobile devices

apetito, the parent company of the United Kingdom-based provider of home-delivered frozen meals Wiltshire Farm Foods, has partnered with IoT and device management expert SOTI to protect its highly sensitive business data across its multi-platform device estate.

For almost 60 years the European frozen food company has supplied nutritious meals to the health and social care sector. The ability to continue to protect its customer information and keep communication confidential is therefore pivotal for the business to ensure it complies with new data protection industry regulations.

apetito has deployed MobiControl to more than 250 iPhones, enabling the IT team to manage devices in the field. It also uses the solution on 60 Zebra TC55 devices that provide its delivery drivers with the same management, as well as intelligent route planning and real-time navigation to optimize apetito’s daily deliveries of tens of thousands of frozen meals across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.

Mike Calverley, IT service delivery manager at apetito, said, “Both categories of devices contain highly sensitive and personal customer information. Most companies only worry about the cost of replacing a device if it’s lost, but for us the data is far more important. A data breach, either through the loss or theft of a device, could be disastrous.”

SOTI’s MobiControl provides apetito with a one-stop shop to give complete peace of mind over data vulnerabilities. The application is used to easily wipe, track, locate and re-set devices via the SOTI server.

Calverley said, “SOTI MobiControl has become critical to our business in ensuring we are meeting data protection requirements. The math is simple: it doesn’t come down to the number of lost phones the company has been able to recover. Instead, it comes down to the ability to continue to protect our customers and keep communication confidential, which is priceless. We now have plans across our apetito management services to add more devices to the business, including iPads. It will therefore continue to be essential to have a centralized system and base to manage all of our devices at apetito.”

For more information, go to www.soti.net.

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