GoFresh Produce expands using VAI software solution

GoFresh Produce continues to expand its offerings as a regional fresh and specialty food distributor, aided with the implementation of VAI’s S2K Analytics software solution. GoFresh opened a new processing facility to prepare cut fruits and vegetables for distribution to customers, a service they previously outsourced. The company anticipates more than 300 tons of fresh produce coming through the 50,000-square-foot facility each week.

VAI S2K Analytics supports GoFresh’s commitment to superior quality by processing manufacturing orders same-day, offering real-time inventory management and accurately capturing the cost of the labor that goes into each product. Cut produce is a natural extension for the company and a strategic growth opportunity fueled by S2K Analytics’ ability to reduce lead-time, provide fresher products and create new revenue.

“GoFresh has been able to expand significantly by modernizing our business processes and move beyond distribution into processing, which has only been possible with VAI’s support and S2K ERP solution,” said David McMillon, business analyst at GoFresh. “S2K provides a real-time view into below-minimum orders, current fill rates, products on the dock, pick rates by picker and items on order. The automatic reporting not only frees up time for our employees, but also prevents inventory mistakes, resulting in better customer service.”

Founded as a family business in 1941, GoFresh has distributed fresh produce, dairy and other refrigerated goods to Oklahoma for more than 75 years, and has since grown its distribution to Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Use of real-time data through S2K Analytics enables GoFresh to deliver produce more efficiently and accurately within its expanded footprint with full visibility of the distribution process from start to finish.

Since implementing VAI’s ERP software with S2K Analytics, the company has moved away from monitoring and controlling inventory manually, significantly reducing inventory loss and focusing employee time on more value-added tasks.

For more information, visit www.vai.net.

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