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Golden State Foods completes sale of nine distribution centers

Golden State Foods (GSF), one of the largest diversified food processors and distributors in the foodservice industry and one of the longest-serving suppliers to McDonald’s restaurants, has completed the sale of nine of its 27 distribution centers to The Martin Brower Company.

“We appreciate Martin Brower’s cooperation and collaboration in finalizing this transaction,” said Mark Wetterau, chairman and chief executive officer, GSF. “Completing the sale of these nine benchmark distribution centers to Martin Brower provides Golden State Foods the opportunity to support the McDonald’s system, its current strategy, and to reinvest in the future of our company, our associates, and all of our customers. This transaction will allow us to continue with and to invest in our diversification strategy and accelerate growth.”

The nine US centers sold to Martin Brower are top-performing teams that service 3,900 McDonald’s restaurants and 365 Chipotle locations. GSF, which has been an award-winning food supplier to McDonald’s for more than 65 years and distribution partner for more than 50, continues to provide core products such as meat, produce, liquids and selected distribution services to the quick service restaurant leader throughout the United States and internationally.

“Martin Brower is getting the cream of the crop with our associates—who are second to none and maintain award-winning operations that run like clockwork,” said Wetterau. “Their superior service is only paralleled by the thousands of outstanding owner-operators across the country, whom we’ve been privileged to serve for decades. As we continue to serve as a key supplier for McDonald’s in all our categories moving forward, GSF will also be looking to add new customers and companies to our successful portfolio.”

GSF will maintain 18 distribution centers in the United States and in the Middle East, which serve an array of food industry leaders. In addition to distribution, GSF will continue to operate more than 25 food manufacturing facilities and farms, providing an array of businesses and offerings spanning the foodservice, QSR, retail and C-store formats worldwide.

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