Gourmet Garden uses Millard’s 3PL services

Gourmet Garden uses Millard’s 3PL services

Gourmet Garden has announced a new contract with Millard Refrigerated Services, a refrigerated warehousing and distribution services company.

The fresh-packaged herb and spice company is transporting its branded products to the Millard facility in Manteca CA and then shipping them to supermarkets, foodservice distributors, and other food processing customers in the western, Midwest, and southwestern United States as well as Canada.

Millard is providing Gourmet Garden with a suite of third-party logistics (3PL) services to help manage the firm’s outbound freight. The manufacturer is also using the Millard facility to date code product coming in from the manufacturing plant in Australia and as a consolidation point for shipments to production locations and customers across the nation.

“The partnership with Millard Refrigerated Services gives us exactly what we need and more,” said Wes Prichard, North American operation manager at Gourmet Garden. “The increased number of operational hours at the DC facilitates easier shipping and receiving. Millard runs state-of-the-art warehouses that meet all HACCP requirements and gives us access to a comprehensive 3PL network. The relationship also opens up a lot of other avenues for improvement.”

“Gourmet Garden works hard to ensure its product arrives at the customer destination in the most effective manner possible and without any spoilage or damage,” said Tim Smith, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Millard. “Millard Refrigerated Services is honored to assist in that process and committed to continually improving the operation for the benefit of the entire produce supply chain.”

The Gourmet Garden line was first launched in Australia in l999. The short season for fresh herbs, together with the compromised flavor of dried herbs, led two Australian food scientists in the mid 1990s to discover a process to capture and store fresh chopped herbs and spices under refrigeration. Gourmet Garden is the global patent holder for the processing technology. Visit www.gourmetgarden.com/ for additional information.

Founded in 1963 in Omaha NE, Millard remains family-owned and operated. The firm serves all of North America through 36 regional facilities, and is the second-largest refrigerated warehouse and distribution company in the United States. To learn more, visit www.millardref.com.

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