IFCO supports food banks by donating RPCs

IFCO Systems, the global provider of reusable packaging solutions, has donated more than 200,000 RPCs (reusable plastic containers) to food banks since the start of its initiative for the support of food banks.

The firm provides the food banks on a free-of-charge basis with IFCO RPCs for collection and distribution of food. It also supports the food banks with voluntary work of IFCO employees and by co-financing refrigerated vans.

In 2015, IFCO Germany added 20 more food banks to those already supported by the company. Four new refrigerated vans were bought within the framework of the cooperation with the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel eV (Federal Association of German Food Banks) for the co-financing of refrigerated vans.

In Austria, a new refrigerated van for the Viennese food bank was co-financed and delivered to the general manager of the Viennese food bank, Dr Alexandra Gruber, in October 2015.

IFCO France supported the Banque Alimentaire with regular donations of RPCs. Also in 2015, the team of IFCO France helped collect food donations in an Intermarché supermarket. IFCO Italy supported the Banco Alimentare with the financing of food vouchers for people in need.

IFCO United Kingdom intensified cooperation with the Trussell Trust in 2015 with the objective of increasing use of RPCs in their network. A total of 15,000 new RPCs were donated. More than 40,000 plastic containers have already been donated since the beginning of the cooperation.

In South America, employees of IFCO Brasil continued their regular support for the Ong Banco de Alimentos. About 650 new RPCs were donated.

IFCO Spain supported the food banks in Madrid, Huelva, and Asturias with RPC donations. In a similar way, IFCO North America continued to support food banks with money and donations in kind, in the form of RPCs.

For further information, see www.ifco.com.

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