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IFCO Wood Grain RPC orders top 11 million

IFCO, the provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh food, has surpassed 11 million Wood Grain Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) shipments since it entered the market in January 2016. Orders have been placed by more than 300 growers supplying Walmart with a variety of fresh produce items.

“Walmart chooses to use Wood Grain RPCs to deliver produce for a variety of reasons,” said Shawn Baldwin, senior vice-president–produce, floral, global food sourcing, Walmart USA. “They have better ventilation, they’re ergonomically designed and very easy to use. Our customers really like the new Wood Grain RPCs because they look more like a farmers market or roadside fruit stand, which provides a level of comfort during the shopping experience.”

“We are proud to partner with Walmart and its fresh produce suppliers to provide them with innovative, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable reusable packaging that transitions easily to in-store display,” said Daniel Walsh, president of IFCO North America. “Surpassing the 11 million Wood Grain RPC threshold so quickly is an impressive accomplishment made possible through strong collaboration between Walmart, the grower community and IFCO.”

IFCO Wood Grain RPCs are used to ship fresh produce to Walmart under an agreement reached with the retailer in October 2015. The RPCs were designed to Walmart specifications and incorporated feedback received from the grower community. Like all IFCO RPCs, the Wood Grain RPCs are more efficient, protect and cool product better, and are more environmentally sustainable than one-way packaging.

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