Maines uses Retalix Power Delivery

Maines Paper and Food Service Inc will provide enhanced delivery capabilities and customer service to its clientele with Retalix Ltd’s Power Delivery system. The software application will track shipments from Maines’ warehouses to its customers’ receiving doors, while providing proof of delivery, mobile delivery capabilities, efficient invoice reconciliation, and increased accuracy.

The system will go live in 2012 and will support 11 Maines warehouses that deliver to clients in 33 states throughout the United States. Power Delivery integrates with the Conklin NY-based distributor’s existing implementation of Retalix’s Warehouse Management software, providing a seamless, comprehensive warehousing and delivery system.

“Power Delivery will help us improve our delivery accuracy, enhance our traceability initiatives, and provide greater visibility into our warehousing and delivery activities—all while reducing costs across our enterprise,” said Sumit Koli, director of performance improvement at Maines.

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