Nestlé R&D Solon center affirms commitment to frozen and chilled food research

Nestlé R&D Solon center affirms commitment to frozen and chilled food research

Nestlé celebrated the grand opening of its new Nestlé Research & Development Center in Solon OH and marked the completion of a $50 million, two-year project to establish this global center dedicated to transforming the way the world enjoys frozen and chilled foods. In the new 144,000-square-foot facility, Nestlé R&D Solon will balance consumer-centered innovation with technology leadership.
“Few areas of research are as complex as food research,” said Johannes Baensch, head of Global Product & Technology Development, Nestec Ltd. “Nestlé has a long-standing reputation for excellence in research on food and nutrition, and this Research Center is regarded as one of the world’s leading laboratories in food and life sciences. By creating Nestlé R&D Solon, we are transporting a significant piece of our global research expertise to the United States, our largest global market.”
Besides developing R&D strategy for Nestlé’s frozen and chilled foods businesses, Nestlé R&D Solon will focus on product innovation and renovation that meet Nestlé’s Nutrition Foundation requirements and balance taste with nutrition. It will explore ways to reduce sodium and saturated fat, eliminate partially hydrogenated oils, incorporate more vegetables, and create gluten-free and high-protein options.
This facility will also provide expert technical assistance to Nestlé production facilities around the world, as well as guidance in nutrition, food processing, food quality, and food safety. Incorporated into the design is a pilot plant where the latest technology advancements and recipes can be evaluated and refined for introduction into the marketplace.
Launching Nestlé R&D Solon marks a significant expansion of the company’s already strong presence in Ohio. The new center builds on a number of Nestlé businesses that either launched in Solon, such as Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, and Nestlé Toll House cookie doughs; or have relocated there, including Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets, DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen, Tombstone, and Jack’s pizza brands. Over time, the company’s US frozen and chilled foods businesses have consolidated to this one campus, also home to Nestlé Professional’s Culinary Innovation Center.
With the 2014 move of Nestlé Pizza to Solon and the opening of this facility, Nestlé now employs more than 2,200 in the Cleveland area, 3,400 in Ohio and more than 51,000 in the United States.
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