NewStar Fresh Foods enhances process control with SmartWash

SmartWash customer NewStar Fresh Foods has dramatically increased process control with the addition of SmartWash Solutions to its wash lines.
Maintaining free chlorine at optimum levels is critical for food safety and line efficiency; too much threatens quality, too little compromises food safety. With the integration of SmartWash, NewStar can maintain and monitor critical free chlorine levels with essential reliability.
Ken Baseman, NewStar vice-president of food safety and quality assurance, said, “Before SmartWash, and in order to be assured that we would not go below a set point, we had to have that set point dramatically higher than the critical control point. Now I can have my set point three or four parts per million away from my critical control point and still be in control. SmartWash gives us much tighter control in a much narrower range of operation, which increases efficiency while at the same time protecting the quality of the product.”
NewStar integrated SmartWash into its wash systems in spring 2013 and immediately saw dramatic improvement in process and chemical control. Glenn Adler, NewStar director of engineering, has high praise for SmartWash’s monitoring system, calling it “safe, repeatable, and reliable.”
NewStar is a leading shipper of iceless green onions and continues to focus on spinach, asparagus, and tender leaf products.
SmartWash is a patented food wash enhancer that boosts effectiveness of standard chlorine-based wash systems. Its performance guarantees consistent removal of pathogens and mitigation of cross-contamination of E coli and salmonella. SmartWash is also available in an organic formula.
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