Organic online grocer expands its reach

Door to Door Organics, a natural and organic online grocer, is expanding its home, office, and school delivery services into Staten Island NY. The company currently generates more than $25 million throughout Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and plans additional national expansion in 2014.
With one-click, personalized shopping, Door to Door Organics offers local, natural, organic and artisanal foods all year round without an additional delivery fee. By partnering with local farmers, the firm is able to deliver farm fresh, USDA-certified organic and high-quality natural foods to Staten Island residents on a weekly basis.
“Consumers are exceptionally busy and often do not have the time to travel to several different food stores to seek out natural and organic foods, making it harder and more time intensive to put good food on the table every day,” said Chad Arnold, chief executive officer of Door to Door Organics. “Now that Door to Door Organics is serving the Staten Island community, families can easily plan and shop for local ingredients to make healthy recipes while also learning about and supporting nearby farms and small businesses that create the fabric of the community.”
The company has technology to personalize and simplify shopping so customers can get their weekly shopping done in an average of 10 minutes. The online Shop platform creates an environment where customers can either leisurely browse recipes and purchase complementary products for meal planning, or quickly restock each week based on frequent purchases and “Shop By Recipe” one-click functionalities.
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