PFG implements Descartes efficiency tools

Descartes Systems Group (Nasdaq: DSGX) announced that Performance Food Group Company (PFG), one of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States, is streamlining its national distribution operations using Descartes Food Perform and Descartes Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting (eDVIR).

“With one of the largest private truck fleets in the United States operating out of 68 distribution centers, PFG’s distribution operations are extensive. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and having the right technology in place to better serve our customers while operating as efficiently as possible is critical for us,” said Jim Hope, executive vice-president–operations at PFG. “Descartes’ advanced mobile solutions are helping us to improve our delivery processes. With better order accuracy, reduced administrative activity, and real-time invoice adjustments, we’re able to drive greater efficiencies from our distribution operations.”

Food Perform is a web-based mobile solution that helps eliminate error-prone paper-based practices throughout the distribution process and at the point of delivery. With real-time communication, it helps improve order accuracy and minimize customer disputes and write-offs related to overages, shortages, and damages (OS&Ds). This is while simplifying complex multi-part invoicing for clean delivery invoices and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

eDVIR is an integrated US Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant mobile solution that automates and improves efficiency of daily Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR). With it, companies can reduce time spent on daily vehicle inspections and reporting, protect against non-compliance, and quickly identify and address issues to improve fleet operations and overall supply chain efficiency.

Food Perform and eDVIR are part of Descartes’ Routing, Mobile & Telematics software suite. Designed to unify fleet and mobile resource management, the firm supports the full, closed-loop process associated with route planning, route execution, and driver and vehicle performance.

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