Produce Pro offers PPro Driver App

Produce Pro Software plans to launch its PPro Driver application at United Fresh 2013 in San Diego CA, slated for May 14-16. The PPro Driver App is a real-time delivery tool that allows for delivery optimization through:

•Electronic signature capture

•Real time updates

•Turn-by-turn navigation

•Track drivers’ location

•Cash-on-delivery support

•Task lists

The app automatically emails a signature-captured invoice with real-time delivered product quantities to the customer. The Driver App captures when the delivery truck has arrived, docked, and completed each stop while updating the delivery status in Produce Pro.

When a customer calls asking for information on his delivery, a customer service representative can pinpoint the truck’s location and let the customer know.

The Driver App is the third app developed by Produce Pro. The Checkout App allows users to place orders, while the Sales App allows salespeople access to client specific data.

Produce Pro is a fully integrated software system providing innovative business and technology systems to fresh produce businesses and the perishables industry. It includes sales order entry, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, routing and logistics, accounting, e-commerce, EDI, document imaging, analytics, and warehouse management.

For more information on Produce Pro or to request a demonstration, visit or call 630-395-9600.

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