PTA Holdings expands service

PTA Holdings Inc, a multi-faceted transportation group providing an array of traditional transportation and management services, recently announced that it has established truckload service for a San Antonio TX-based supplier of bakery products serving the fast food industry.
Tim Norton, vice-president and director of PTA Holdings, said, “This new business opportunity has resulted from our company handling inbound refrigerated shipments of eggs and produce from our Midwestern customers on a consistent year-round basis, opening the door for our acquiring a portion of the new shipper’s outbound products.
“Initially the volume will be six to eight extra loads on a weekly basis into our Midwest service areas with an opportunity to expand based upon ability to acquire additional operating equipment,” he said. “We are pleased to report that we are now seeing increased inbound freight from our customer and even more importantly those shipments match up with the customer’s outbound product shipments. The result is a drastic reduction in ‘dead-head’ miles for our fleet.”
Norton added, “We have been working to expand our market segments beyond the agricultural markets to include food manufacturers and other related industries and have been successful in attracting new customers in the North/South traffic lane where we generally operate.”
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