B&C Exporters packing house
B&C Exporters packing house in Latin America.

Recyclable Green Ox pallets perform well in tests by produce shippers

Green Ox Pallet Technology LLC, the global provider of Green Ox corrugated pallets, recently passed two key performance tests conducted by produce shippers.

Tropifoods, a leading exporter of produce, conducted sea container tests at above-normal load weight and transit time earlier in 2018, including one to France and a second to Italy. With a transit time of 21 days and a container load of 2,660 lb (1,207.5 kg), the containers maintained a temperature of 41° F (5° C) and 95% humidity.

Despite the heavy weight and longer trips, Green Ox pallets supported the loads through delivery to clients in France and Italy.

B&C Exporters, another leading produce provider, tested four Green Ox pallets loaded with pumpkins in September 2018. The test cargo was shipped in a sea container to Florida. Transit time was seven days, and the container weighing 2,035 lb (925 kg) maintained a temperature of 41° F (5° C) and 95% humidity.

Green OX pallets were removed from the container in Florida, cleared customs, and transported by truck to Turbana Tropicals, the end-client, successfully.

Delivering efficiencies in the handling, storage, and transportation of products, Green Ox pallets offer a viable alternative to heavy, unsanitary and costly wood pallets while solving many challenges that affect clients’ bottom line. These pallets are also 100% recyclable and USDA-certified as Biobased.

The industrial-strength corrugated pallets can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to accommodate any load, and optionally coated for water resistance while retaining their ability to be recycled.

More test results available upon request. Contact Adam Pener, company president, at 720-202-2206 or email [email protected].

For more details, visit www.greenoxpallets.com. To learn more about the negative environmental impact of wood pallets, go to www.changethepallet.org.

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