RedLine Cooler tracks high volumes of produce handled by Auvil Fruit Co

RedLine Solutions, provider of produce traceability and inventory services, announced that Auvil Fruit Company has deployed RedLine Cooler to manage and track its growing inventory.
Auvil saw business steadily increasing in recent years to now producing about 1.4 million boxes of apples and 57,000 boxes of cherries each year. As business grew, managing inventory became more difficult.
“Once the inventory grew past 70,000 boxes, tracking became very cumbersome with our current system,” said John Auvil, IT manager/safety manager of Auvil. “We knew we needed a better solution.”
Auvil selected RedLine Cooler after seeing RedLine’s integration with the Compu-Tech grower accounting system. RedLine Cooler’s user-friendly interface and mobile scanners were easily adopted by the staff at Auvil with no downtime in the transition. Order validation capabilities in RedLine Cooler created a more efficient process, all but eliminating misloads in shipping and creating a full season without an incorrect shipment.
“We have seen unprecedented volume growth and are able to easily handle it with RedLine Cooler,” said Otto Friedli, IT director of Auvil.
Even mock recalls have been easier using RedLine Cooler. Mock recalls used to take Auvil a couple of days. Now the company can conduct the recall in about four minutes because much of the information needed is already recorded.
RedLine Cooler is a leading solution for managing cooler operations. This includes product location, movement, validated order picking, and real-time shipping transactions. The net result is improved product rotation, fewer errors, increased workforce efficiency, and faster loading of trucks.
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