SIMBA tracking capability is improved

Dynamic Systems Inc announces an update to the SIMBA production and inventory traceabilty system that includes the ability to track lots to the specific case, including mixed and commingled product for a low monthly cost.

The SIMBA system resides on the production floor and automates data collection as the product is processed and packed. This solution uses fast, accurate barcode technology to record details such as product attributes, pack dates, inventory locations and shipping details. SIMBA provides real-time traceability and production details that help companies respond quickly to changing conditions and manage recalls for the least impact on the bottom line.

Now packers, shippers and growers can have a barcode tracking system for about $350-$500 per month. The system includes software, hardware, training, labels and support. Hardware choices include tablets, touchscreens, scanners and custom labels specific to your operation. While other systems track whole lots and the date they are packed and/or shipped, SIMBA tracks lots into the box, no matter how many lots are packed within one container. The system can do this because it tracks cases and what is in them rather than lots and the number of pounds in the lot. Each case is given a serial number, and as product is packed, the lots are recorded into that case. 

Many produce packers need the ability to track back to the lot number for quality, audit and recall purposes. The ability to identify which lots are in which case results in proof of origin for branding and quality purposes. Companies concerned about the quality of their brand want to track all product to the source. Other companies want to save money during a recall by being able to identify specific cartons that contain contaminated product.  SIMBA’s audit reports make all of that possible with the press of a button.

Email Rob Freeman at [email protected] or phone 800-342-3999 ext 208 for more details.

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