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SK Foods exec acquires produce supplier

Scott Salyer, chief executive officer of international food processor SK Foods, has become sole owner of Salyer American Fresh Foods, a company established 20 years ago by him and his family.

A fresh produce supplier to corporate and retail customers nationwide, Salyer American Fresh Foods will become a division of SK Foods based in Monterey CA and the Central Valley. Salyer American Fresh Foods is based in Salinas CA with operations in California and Arizona, and markets products under the American Classic brand.

The companies have had longtime family and business ties with one another. Salyer American Fresh Foods was established in 1986 when the family-owned farming organization Salyer American chose to diversify from its economic anchors of grain and cotton.

Salyer American Fresh Foods continued independently with Scott Salyer as a shareholder. He has now acquired the balance of company shares previously held by his father Fred Salyer and sister Linda Salyer Lee for an undisclosed amount.

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