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SLO County Organics picks GREENTrace to track pallets

SLO County Organics, a San Luis Obispo CA-based specialty grower/harvester of USDA certified organic vegetables, has selected InSync Software Inc’s GREENTrace iApp software application to track pallets of fresh produce from harvest throughout its supply chain.

The GREENTrace iApp is being deployed to improve visibility into bulk vegetable production from the point of harvest for each pallet and to provide harvest-in-process data to management in real-time. GREENTrace will be used by field operators operating an Intermec handheld bar-code reader with GPS capability.

In the field, GREENTrace will allow workers to pick custom orders on the fly. Workers will use the handhelds to pick to the order from the system. As pallets are filled and pallet labels applied, contents are checked off against a specific order.

The project is in the initial implementation phase, which includes automation of pallet label printing in the field, and traceability from the point of harvest (GPS). The next phase of deployment calls for linking all of the on-farm input documents with the harvest in process, so all of the information can be supplied to partners or the Food and Drug Administration for quick response to audits.

The process is also scoped to include future enhancements to track produce from point of harvest, to loading in refrigerated trucks and through to customer delivery. This enhancement will include incorporation of temperature tracking, and time fencing for freshness and quality assurance. The final phase will involve integrating GREENTrace with QuickBooks so GREENTrace will automatically generate the bill of lading, send an ASN to the customer, and update billing.

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