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Sundia, IFCO develop custom pallet program

Sundia Corp has announced a partnership with IFCO Systems to provide watermelon and produce growers with cost-effective, 100% recyclable shipping pallets.

The IFCO program is designed to allow Sundia’s network of growers to benefit from that firm’s consolidated purchasing power. IFCO’s nationwide network of facilities guarantees they can provide pallets anywhere Sundia network members are. In addition, IFCO offers services that include supply, tracking, retrieval, sorting, repairing, and disposal of wood pallets. IFCO pallets, which are 100% recyclable and reusable, help protect produce from damage during transport.

Through partnerships with watermelon growers, distributors, and shippers, the Sundia trademark is now on more than 35% of the United States watermelon supply. Products include Sundia Watermelon Juice, Sundia Fresh Watermelon, Sundia Watermelon Concentrate, cantaloupe, honeydew, tomatoes, mangos, and onions.

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