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Tony’s Fine Foods acquires Columbus Distributing

Tony’s Fine Foods has acquired Hayward CA-based Columbus Distributing Inc, the perishable foods distribution division of Columbus Foods.

This acquisition is the next step in Tony’s Fine Foods’ continued mission of pursuing efficient, service-oriented perishable food distribution partnerships with independent retailers and foodservice operators throughout the West Coast. It will further allow Tony’s to meet growing consumer demand for fresh, specialty foods, while providing special handling and centralized distribution capabilities that it needs to thrive. Vendors and customers will benefit from greater product reach, comprehensive and consolidated distribution, and enhanced logistical and storage options that ensure products are delivered fresh, multiple times per week.

After the purchase, there will be a four-month transition period ending May 31, at which time all Columbus Distributing operations will be moved to West Sacramento CA. Most positions will not be immediately affected through the transition period while Tony’s Fine Foods works to merge the two companies’ operations and assess staffing needs. Resources will be evaluated while the company invests in new services and functions for sustainability and long-term growth.

“The sale of our distributing company allows Columbus to focus solely on our deli and cured-meats manufacturing business and allocate valuable resources to fund growth and innovation,” said Ralph Denisco, chief executive officer of Columbus Foods. “After Tony’s exits the Hayward distribution facility, we will evaluate renovating the facility to create one of the country’s leading deli and cured-meat slicing operations, as much of our growth has been in pre-sliced, pre-packaged meats.”

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