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USCS Lebanon nears its July 2009 opening

In July 2009, United States Cold Storage (USCS), one of the leading public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) companies in the United States, will open the doors of a modern, high-volume distribution center in Lebanon IN. The $38 million facility will feature convertible temperature rooms, an enclosed shipping/receiving dock, and the newest CO2 Cascade refrigeration technology to ensure safe, secure, and efficient handling of products from food manufacturers, processors, and distributors.

USCS serves nearly all sectors of the refrigerated and frozen food industry, including dairy, pork, poultry, beef, fruits and vegetables, and seafood and has extensive capabilities in nationwide transportation management. Under the direction of a management team led by Diane Stewart, vice president/area manager; and Adam Ashley, operations manager, Lebanon will offer a complete line of services, from product storage to custom order handling and local area delivery.

When complete, USCS Lebanon will feature more than 24,000 variable-height pallet positions in temperatures ranging from –20° to +55° F and equipped with the latest in food safety and security systems. A 30-truck dock will provide access to a 65-foot-wide temperature-controlled area for loading and unloading goods. Services include an AS400 warehouse management system with radio frequency (RF) bar-code scanning, and eUSCOLD service that provides 24/7 online access to real-time account data.

US Cold is pioneering a new CO2 Cascade refrigeration technology that improves operating efficiency and reduces impact on the environment. This refrigeration system builds on current food safety and emissions standards by better using energy and further minimizing contamination risk. It is in use in the company’s newest facilities in California, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

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