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Verlasso partners with Fortune Fish Company

Verlasso, provider of harmoniously raised fish, continues to expand its market presence through a new partnership with Fortune Fish Company, an Illinois-based fresh and frozen seafood distributor serving the Midwest.

Through this new collaboration, Verlasso salmon will now be available to consumers through retailers and other purveyors in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri. Verlasso salmon also is available at restaurants and retailers through regional distributors and direct-to-retail partnerships in California, Oregon, Las Vegas NV, New York City, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Since coming to market in 2011, Verlasso has transformed the aquaculture industry through its farming methods and harmoniously raised salmon.

The company’s most significant innovation is its use of 75% fewer feeder fish to raise Omega-3-rich salmon. In traditional farms, salmon receive Omega-3s from fish oil provided by wild caught feeder fish, putting a significant strain on oceans. The average “fish in, fish out” ratio for fish oil and fish meal for salmon growers is about four pounds of feeder fish to produce one pound of salmon. Verlasso has achieved a “fish in, fish out” ratio of 1:1 for fish oil and fish meal – one pound of feeder fish produces one pound of salmon – by replacing the fish oil in the salmon’s diet with Omega-3-producing yeast.

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