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Walmart expands happy egg retail distribution

The happy egg company, a leading free-range egg brand in the United States, has significantly increased its retail distribution with Walmart, the nation’s leading grocer.
To continue its mission of providing humanely produced eggs at an affordable price to consumers nationwide, the happy egg co will be available in 1,600 Walmart retail locations throughout the United States.
Recently, Walmart announced its enhanced commitment to humane treatment of animals by adopting the globally recognized “Five Freedoms” of animal welfare, which bans the use of extreme confinement systems for farm animals. Retail expansion with the happy egg co further validates Walmart’s commitment to continuous improvement in the welfare of farm animals in its supply chain.
“Walmart is an agent of change in the US grocery market, and our relationship brings us significantly closer to our vision of making humanely raised eggs accessible and affordable,” said David Wagstaff, chief operating officer of the happy egg co.
According to Food Marketing Institute’s annual US Grocery Shopper’s Trends study issued June 10, 2015, the number of consumers who think it’s important that grocery stores practice animal welfare has grown from 17% to 21%. An annual survey released by the American Humane Association revealed that 94.9% of respondents are concerned with animal welfare, and a majority indicated they are willing to pay more for humanely produced eggs.
This year, the happy egg co was the first egg producer to be named American Humane Certified, which requires rigorous animal welfare standards, including providing each hen with access to 21.8 square feet of outdoor space and nearly 200 additional science-based specifications.
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