Willow Run adds Cadec PowerVue to its CNG fleet

Willow Run adds Cadec PowerVue to its CNG fleet

Cadec Global Inc, which helps companies stay connected to their private trucking fleets, announced that in addition to its existing diesel fleet vehicles, Willow Run Foods has added Cadec’s PowerVue software to its compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet of vehicles. Willow Run Foods says it is the first distributor in the United States to deliver goods regionally using CNG.
Willow Run Foods specializes in food distribution for fast food chains throughout the Northeast. As part of the company’s Alternative Transportation Project, the CNG trucks will run mostly in New York City, Long Island, and northern New Jersey, helping to offset a high-traffic region with significant greenhouse gas emissions. When used for transportation fuel, natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably when compared to petroleum fuels.
Cadec’s PowerVue is a modern and flexible SaaS-based fleet management system, providing all the best-in-class, advanced fleet management features in a single, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable system combined with innovative in-cab hardware designed specifically for the private fleet customer.
Willow Run Foods is using PowerVue to track the CNG vehicles’ fuel consumption, along with other driver and fleet information such as driver behavior and productivity, on-time delivery data, vehicle operation, and safety.
“Willow Run Foods is a long-time partner of ours, and we’re proud to be a part of their CNG initiative,” said Angela Shue, chief customer officer at Cadec. “Helping our customers get the information they need from our solution to help them run their fleets is our top priority. We’re glad to help with their environmental goals.”
“Adding CNG vehicles to Cadec PowerVue was an easy and seamless process,” said Len Basso, vice-president, operations at Willow Run Foods. “PowerVue allows us to track the use of natural gas versus diesel vehicles and the impact both types of trucks have on our fuel costs. With this additional information, we’re able to more easily determine our future CNG vehicle needs.”
The CNG vehicle project is expected to save the company $100,000 annually.
Cadec offers fleet management systems to private fleets to ensure delivery of goods over the road is safe, efficient, and on-time. Its SaaS-based software integrates wireless communications, onboard technology, and business applications to connect private fleets with their drivers and trucks for superior levels of visibility, automation, and supply chain management.
For more information, access www.cadec.com.

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