Fuel heater/water separator offered by Webb

Webb has increased production of its 525 Series no-maintenance fuel heater/water separator. Designed for high-performance heavy-duty engines, it uses engine coolant to heat a water jacket that surrounds the fuel line and produces a 47° F increase in fuel temperature. The system's design also eliminates the need for fuel blending. The 525 is available with either a 12- or 120-volt electric pre-heater and optional thermostat.

The 525's three-stage water separation process is more than 99% effective in eliminating water from fuel under SAE J1839 test parameters. A self-cleaning stripper screen removes water and solid contaminants from the fuel, so no primary fuel filter is required.

Fuel contaminants and water are drained by the driver through the unit's self-venting drain valve. A floating check ball valve system guards against loss of prime during service. The 525 requires no scheduled servicing other than periodic water draining. For more information, contact Webb, 320 Eighth St West, West Fargo ND 58078.

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