US Oil continues growth; more carriers using CNG

US Oil continues growth; more carriers using CNG

US Oil now has 32 GAIN Clean Fuel stations open or under construction across the United States, expanding its national network of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations to offer regional and national carriers a lower-cost, more environmentally friendly fueling option for their fleets.
The stations are in 15 states including Wisconsin, where US Oil is based, and serves some of the busiest carrier routes in the United States. Of the 15 GAIN stations currently under construction, nine will be operational by the end of 2014. The remaining six stations will be operational in early 2015.
“We’re seeing substantial growth in the development of our nationwide GAIN Clean Fuel network,” said Bill Renz, general manager for GAIN Clean Fuel. “Carriers are realizing that they can’t sit back and watch their competitors take advantage of this significant cost savings, while they continue to operate using diesel fuel.”
This realization has spurred demand for new CNG stations and has allowed the firm to set a higher goal for the number of GAIN stations US Oil plans to build in the next two years. “Our goal is to have more than 100 stations operating within the next two years,” he said.
US Oil locates stations to provide easy access to CNG in all of the major trucking sectors within the nation. “We work with carriers to show them the advantages of converting their fleets and, in many cases, partner with them to build stations that are strategically located, generally near their facilities but also adjacent to major trucking routes,” Renz said. “Many fleets start small with only 10 to 20 CNG trucks, but as they see the benefits, they’re ready to make a more significant investment in CNG.”
In addition to ease of access, each GAIN station provides fast-fill capabilities and has fleet card acceptance capabilities that provides convenience for truckers.
One of the main advantages for fleets converting to CNG is that it is a cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel, offering a savings of more than $2 per gallon equivalent.
Another advantage of CNG is that it’s a domestically produced product, which insulates it from global influences that create price volatility in other fuels such as diesel.
Go to for a complete list of GAIN Clean Fuel stations. For more on US Oil, access

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