Energotest evaluates products for fuel efficiency

Energotest evaluates products for fuel efficiency

PIT Group has conducted its spring 2016 Energotest. The engineering and research group tested and evaluated a range of products focused on providing improved fuel efficiency to the North American commercial vehicle market.

“Our event is growing larger and larger every year,” said Yves Provencher, director of the PIT Group. “The high level of interest in Energotest validates that the process we employ is the benchmark for precise, verified, and unbiased data on the return on investment large and small carriers alike can expect from green technologies.”

Adime Bonsi, a PIT Group researcher, is monitoring cold air circulation in the trailer to develop better trailer spec and loading strategies for sensitive food transportation.

Technologies tested at the spring 2016 Energotest included a number of aerodynamic devices. A particular focus was on the fuel efficiency, splash reduction, and durability of several mudflap designs.

Also tested for energy and emissions efficiency during Energotest were:


•DSI Canada X-1R lean fuel burn

•Vanguard National Trailer Corp AeroSail

•XP Lab Xp3 diesel fuel additive

•Mudguard Technologies LLC V-Flap

•Eco-Flaps aerodynamic splashguard

•Fleet Engineers Inc Aeroflap

PIT members also asked to evaluate a number of combinations of engine and automatic transmission in a LTL scenario.

The group also hosted an invitation-only VIP Day during the spring Energotest for select Canadian and US operations to learn about PIT Group and its testing facilities. In addition, a Fleet Forum was held for the invited fleets. US fleets attending this forum included C R England, Swift Transportation, US Xpress, Schneider, Keller Logistics, and Skyline Transportation.

Using a qualified team of engineers relying on stringent processes and state-of-the-art equipment, Energotest is a fully independent, ISO 17025-certified road test laboratory with international credibility.

Energotest is held at the Transport Canada test track operated by PMG Technologies in Blainville, Québec. The fall 2016 edition of Energotest will take place September 13–23. For information and the Energotest registration form, click here.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, PIT Group is a division of FPInnovations. It is affiliated with the American Trucking Associations, the Technology & Maintenance Council, and the Truckload Carriers Association.

For more details, access www.thepitgroup.com.

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