Lineage Logistics joins Better Plants Program

Lineage Logistics, a warehousing and logistics company backed by Bay Grove, has joined the US Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program, a national partnership initiative to drive significant improvement in energy efficiency across US industry.
By joining the program, Lineage pledges to reduce its energy intensity by 25% over the next 10 years companywide. Lineage launched its energy management program at its Allentown PA cold storage facility recently.
“Lineage’s commitment to reducing its energy intensity by 25% over 10 years establishes the company as a leader in industrial energy efficiency and helps advance the nation’s progress toward a sustainable, clean-energy future,” said Mark Johnson, director, Advanced Manufacturing Office, US Department of Energy.
Lineage will partner with Sustainable Industrial Solutions and Cascade Energy to implement the energy management program across its nationwide network of 111 facilities in 21 states. Sustainable Industrial Solutions will provide energy monitoring software that reports energy usage in real time, incorporating data from energy drivers like warehouse throughput and outside weather to deliver accurate results and allow for real-time adjustments. Cascade Energy will provide training and optimization tune-ups to ensure facility operators are implementing best practices in energy efficiency.
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