NASRC receives award for leadership

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), headquartered in Santa Cruz CA, was recognized by the National Steering Committee of Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBEAPs) and Small Business Ombudsmen (SBO) for its leadership nationwide in the areas of compliance assistance, sustainability, advocacy and collaboration.

NASRC was honored for its work in accelerating the transition from fluorinated gases—F-gases, including hydrofluorocarbons—to low-global warming potential refrigeration equipment and technologies. F-gases are the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in California and globally.

The council is being recognized for establishing best practices for natural refrigerants such as low-charge hydrocarbon and ammonia, and carbon dioxide; providing educational resources to service providers, end users and manufacturers of natural refrigerants; and supporting certification organizations and government agencies to help streamline approval processes for natural refrigerant equipment and technologies.

“It is a great honor to be selected for this award,” said Danielle Wright, NASRC executive director. “NASRC has accomplished a tremendous amount given we have only been in existence for less than two years. There is still much work to be done to remove the barriers of adopting natural refrigerants, especially for small businesses that need financial incentives to support the transition. This award not only highlights the important role of natural refrigerants in significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also the collaboration necessary in order achieve our vision of a more sustainable future.”

Access for more information about SBEAPs.

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