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Ryders 100 renewable diesel fuel station in San Francisco

Ryder begins offering renewable diesel fuel at California location

Ryder System Inc (NYSE: R) has begun to offer renewable diesel (RD) fuel, at its San Francisco CA fueling facility, located at 2700 3rd Street. With this implementation, Ryder customers will be better able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still using diesel vehicles.

“Our decision to use 100% RD is based upon our ongoing commitment to ensuring we are delivering solutions that help our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Chris Nordh, Ryder director for global fuel products.

“This offering is the latest effort in helping to address the unique needs of our customers and allows for them to take advantage of the environmental benefits of a reliable renewable fuel source,” said Nordh. “Not to be confused with biodiesel, RD goes through a hydrotreating process instead of a transesterification process through which an ASTM D975 compliant diesel product is created. Therefore, offering a better solution for fuel filters, elastomer seals and components, and storage tanks.”

Based on production levels and availability of RD, Ryder will continue to monitor other markets with plans for expanding this offering. The company also plans to continually analyze market opportunities for RD, either through its fueling facilities or its new mobile fueling solution that provides fuel deliveries directly into vehicles on customer sites. This mobile service is available both in the United States and Canada.

Ryder’s market leadership in operating advanced vehicle technologies in commercial truck applications also includes its natural gas vehicle (NGV) and maintenance solutions offering. The firm currently has more than 100 million miles of NGV operation, 22 NGV maintenance facilities including two NGV fueling facilities in Orange and Fontana CA, and more than 6,200 NGV trained maintenance and support personnel across its North American service network.

The company has an established North American maintenance and fueling network with about 800 maintenance facilities including 440 diesel fueling stations. Ryder purchases more than 275 million gallons of diesel fuel each year.

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