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DeMoulas Supermarkets chooses Cadec technology

DeMoulas Supermarkets chooses Cadec technology

DeMoulas Supermarkets Inc, operator of the Market Basket grocery store chain, has implemented Cadec Global’s Mobius fleet management system for its entire private trucking fleet.

The owner and operator of 60-plus Market Basket supermarkets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, DeMoulas switched from another vendor’s fleet management system to Cadec’s, primarily for its reliability and customer service track record. According to Dean Joyce, DeMoulas warehouse manager, Cadec’s local presence also gave it an edge. Its Manchester NH headquarters are close to DeMoulas’ Tewksbury MA warehouse.

Joyce reports that DeMoulas now uses Cadec software and on-board computers (OBCs) to track and monitor location and driver behavior for all 55 of its delivery trucks. He can now track metrics such as idling, on-time deliveries, drop-and-hook time, speeding, and sudden decelerations, and he posts performance reports weekly in the driver break room.

“We have a terrific group of drivers here, but tracking and posting the reports has definitely made an impact on driving behavior,” said Joyce. “It’s created some friendly competition among the drivers and helped reduce some tendencies toward things like excessive idling.”

He also appreciates the time savings that Cadec brought for both drivers and office staff. Driver logs are now completely automated, as are related elements such as fuel tax reporting. “In the past, drivers had to manually log their exact mileage in each state for fuel-tax reporting,” said Joyce. “It was very tedious both for drivers and for our office staff.”

Frank Moreno, Cadec’s vice-president of marketing and product management, complimented DeMoulas for its regimented approach to tracking and improving fleet efficiency.

“Knowledge is power—if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” said Moreno. “DeMoulas is a great example of a company taking a constructive approach to improving fleet efficiency, and one that is inclusive of drivers.”

Cadec enables transportation and distribution managers, fleet and logistics experts, and business executives to reduce costs, enhance customer service, enforce compliance and safety regulations, and improve driver productivity.

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