Great Dane, Johnson address changing foodservice distribution, transport needs

Great Dane and its wholly owned subsidiary, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, are showcasing products tailored specifically for the changing needs of the foodservice industry October 27–29 at the 2015 International Food Distributors Association (IFDA) Distribution Solutions Conference (DSC).

Those attending the event at the Phoenix (AZ) Convention Center can visit Booth #100 to see specially configured foodservice equipment including a multi-temp Great Dane Everest CL refrigerated trailer, as well as Johnson Guardian and Alpine Series refrigerated truck bodies customized for middle-mile and last-mile deliveries.

All models on display are engineered to address increasing food safety regulatory changes impacting the needs of foodservice customers nationwide, with a focus on thermal efficiency and long-term durability.

The 28-foot Great Dane Everest CL multi-temp refrigerated trailer being exhibited includes foodservice options such as Great Dane’s patented ThermoGuard interior lining as well as the company’s exclusive CorroGuard corrosion-resistant coating on the trailer’s undercarriage and landing gear. The ECL show trailer is also equipped with the Roll-O-Matic Sidekick walk ramp for ease and efficiency of side deliveries, and a Maxon Columnlift liftgate designed to handle demanding distribution requirements.

Because grocery, multi-temp, and foodservice delivery customers have distinctly different requirements than their longhaul counterparts, the Everest CL is designed with versatility in mind. Customizable options are available to accommodate virtually any temperature-controlled application, including moveable bulkheads that allow an ambient section and up to three precisely controlled compartments for sensitive cargo. Multiple side and rear door configurations and access systems are also available.

The 24-ft Johnson Alpine truck body on display is engineered to have superior structural integrity and manufactured to meet the strictest quality standards. Its advanced modular panel sheet-and-post construction combines thermal efficiency with ease of repair in the event of damage. The Alpine’s state-of-the-art insulation foaming technology has been refined and proven by Great Dane to promote optimal quality and void-free insulation. The Alpine also features a curbside door, and is mounted on an International 4400 SBA 4 x 2 chassis. The body is equipped with a Carrier Supra 960 refrigeration unit with electric standby motor.

To address changing market demand for enhanced last-mile delivery options, Johnson is also exhibiting a new 16-ft Guardian composite truck body. The unit on display was optimized for Walmart’s latest online home and pick-up delivery business model, and features multiple doors and compartments for low-temp items (0° F), medium temp (33-38° F), as well as ambient temp (68-72° F).

Johnson recently expanded and diversified its Guardian product line by introducing this new truck body configuration designed to meet the needs of food distributors looking for flexibility with last-mile deliveries. Whether the task is to deliver a mix of low and medium-temp products to customers in the suburbs, or to complete a specialty order for a restaurant in the metro area, the Guardian’s composite multi-temp design provides superior thermal efficiency as well as easy and secure cargo access for drivers.

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