Sandridge Food Corp acquires majority interest in RMH Foods

Sandridge Food Corporation has acquired a majority interest in RMH Foods, a provider of fully cooked refrigerated and frozen entrees. RMH Foods offers fully cooked retail,foodservice, and specialized portion-control products using Sous Vide—or cook-in-bag—technology.

“We are truly excited to begin our relationship with RMH Foods. We both are third-generation family businesses, our core values are aligned, and both families have the commitment to create clean label, great-tasting food,” said Mark D Sandridge, chief executive officer of Sandridge.

RMH Foods’ Sous Vide technology will help expand Sandridge’s offerings by providing the capability to enter a new business segment that will now include “center of the plate” entrees—a complement to Sandridge’s line of fresh soups, salads, sides, and sauces.

This collaboration will also strengthen Sandridge’s ability to create and distribute a wider variety of products that allow for reduced sodium and no preservatives.

Morton IL-based RMH Foods is well-positioned to ship coast to coast coupled with Sandridge.

Under this agreement, RMH Foods will become a Sandridge Family Company, a part of Sandridge Food Corp. Jon Rocke will remain on board as the RMH Foods president with support from the management team at Sandridge.

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