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Supermarket adds biogas-fueled trucks

Sainsbury's supermarkets in the United Kingdom are adding five more trucks with hybrid systems that use a combination biomethane fuel and diesel fuel. It is the latest step in the company's ongoing commitment to reduce its emissions from road transportation.

The trucks will use Genesis Dual Fuel combustion technology from Clean Air Power.

The Genesis system, which is retrofitted, allows up to 50% of a vehicle's diesel to be replaced by natural gas or biogas. This cuts emissions by about 30% and “significantly” reduces fuel costs, yet maintains diesel engine performance and efficiency, said Clean Air Power officials.

A renewable fuel, biomethane is most commonly produced from organic wastes using biogas. Biogas, a mixture of methane and other gases produced from the decomposition of organic materials, is captured, processed, and compressed into a vehicle fuel.

Sainsbury's has named its initiative to use liquid biomethane fuel as an alternative energy source for its truck fleet: “Running on Rubbish.”

Meanwhile, Clean Air Power is working with Volvo to develop an interfaced Dual Fuel system for the Volvo D13 truck engines.

Clean Air Power officials said an interfaced product will deliver a biogas for diesel substitution rate of up to 90%.

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