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Supermarket chains join EPA GreenChill

Two supermarket chains, Hannaford Brothers and Whole Foods, have joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) GreenChill Partnership.

Begun by the EPA and the supermarket, refrigeration equipment, and chemical refrigerant industries, GreenChill is a voluntary program to promote green technologies, strategies, and practices that protect the stratospheric ozone layer, reduce greenhouse gases, and save money.

Whole Foods and Hannaford Brothers are two of 10 founding partners that have pledged to establish an inventory of current refrigerant emissions that may affect climate change and the stratospheric ozone layer, and then set reduction targets for these emissions. Partners will also participate in an industry/government research initiative to assess performance of cutting-edge "green" technologies in terms of energy efficiency, reduction of ozone-depleting refrigerant charges, and minimization of refrigerant leaks.

According to the EPA, GreenChill partners’ adoption of advanced refrigeration technologies will lead to greater energy efficiency and reduced operating expenses of more than $12 million annually for the industry.

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