UK grocery store chain thrives thanks to Paragon

UK grocery store chain thrives thanks to Paragon

Morrisons is the fourth-largest food retailer in the United Kingdom with more than 400 stores. The company sources and processes most of its fresh food through its own manufacturing facilities, giving the firm close control over quality and prices.
Each week, more than 9 million customers pass through its grocery store doors, and 132,000 employees serve these customers. Morrisons has been in business for more than 100 years. It has acquired store chains including Safeway, Presto, and Liptons. Morrisons has several distribution centers and refrigerated warehouses in the UK. In 2013, Morrisons will be opening two convenience stores per week called Morrisons M Local. In 2014, the company will begin selling groceries online and delivering those groceries to homes throughout the UK.
Paragon Software Systems Inc has worked with Morrisons for more than 30 years, supplying transportation optimization systems that maximize delivery performance to the stores. Used since the early 1980s to plan distribution for Presto and Liptons supermarkets (later rebranded as Safeway), Paragon’s software was retained by Morrisons after its acquisition of Safeway in 2004 and remains integral to its distribution planning operation. With Paragon’s support, the company continues to evolve the system.
Morrisons uses Paragon’s software to plan daily movements of its 600 vehicles supported by contractors delivering to its UK store network. Paragon optimizes movement of ambient, chilled, and frozen goods from Morrisons’ distribution centers to more than 400 stores. The system integrates planning optimization, driver resource availability, and telematics to enhance efficiency and execution of each day’s complex transport plans.
The order management system sends daily order volume information to Paragon, which then updates the day’s fixed route plan. Morrisons also uses the software strategically to model new routes to meet new and seasonal order demands. It can use the software to plan delivery routes for new stores and for assisting procurement of new vehicles. The software shows what the company can achieve using existing vehicles and helps in deciding how many others are needed to meet future demands.
Using Paragon software, Morrisons has reduced its core fleet through better utilization and continues to push for cost-effective transport systems within its network while still providing service to its stores. Reducing miles to offset the impact of rising fuel costs, balancing efficiency, optimizing the transport network, and enabling sustainability are some of the key benefits of Paragon’s software.
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