ReeferTek USA seeks regional rental affiliates

ReeferTek USA seeks regional rental affiliates

ReeferTek USA, a leading source for refrigerated van conversion and rentals in the United States, recently launched its National Refrigerated Van Rental Program. Its mission is to help companies and individuals who depend on refrigerated transportation for the success of their business. Refrigerated vans are available for short-term and long-term rentals.
In addition to the ReeferTek USA website, ReeferTek refrigerated van rentals are being promoted through Go Reefer, a national service dedicated to the refrigeration transportation industry. Due to an overwhelming increase in refrigerated van rental requests, ReeferTek USA is searching for regional affiliates to help facilitate these refrigerated van rentals. Opportunities are available in all major cities across the United States. Interested candidates are asked to call ReeferTek USA at 855-534-2626.
ReeferTek USA has an entire fleet of highly specialized refrigerated vehicles. The ability to rent these vehicles from anywhere in the United States opens up lots of possibilities for business owners and entrepreneurs.
Some businesses may already have a refrigerated van, but simply have downtime due to maintenance and repairs. From fresh meat and produce distributors that need a “fill-in” truck to support their growing business to special situations where a restaurant has mechanical issues with its cold storage unit in the middle of summer—ReeferTek USA has you covered. Rather than sit idle, these companies now have the capability to conduct business as usual.
Other businesses may experience seasonal spikes and can supplement their existing fleet with a short-term rental. Many businesses and restaurants are now participating in festivals, promotional events, or providing onsite catering solutions and have a short-term need for a refrigerated van. There are many instances where organizations can benefit from ReeferTek USA’s National Refrigerated Van Rental Program.
The goal is to provide the equipment customers need so they can focus on their core business—not logistics and fleet management. For more information on refrigerated van rentals, contact ReeferTek USA at 855-534-2626.

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