XTRA Lease adds 5,000 corrosion-fighting trailers

XTRA Lease adds 5,000 corrosion-fighting trailers

XTRA Lease, provider of semi-trailer rentals and leases, has ordered approximately 5,000 new trailers for 2014, most of which will be built with corrosion-fighting galvanized steel components. The company is adding a mix of refrigerated trailers equipped with new fuel-saving Thermo King Precedent reefer units, as well as dry vans and liftgated vans.
Reefers feature the Precedent S-600 unit, which provides 8% to 10% more fuel efficiency than older models. The unit offers:
•Faster cooling pull-down
•More efficient temperature control
•Evergreen compliance with California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements
XTRA Lease’s 2014 purchase includes a mix of:
•53-foot reefers
•53-, 48-, and 28-ft liftgated vans
•48-ft pintle-hook vans
•53- and 48-ft dry vans
For the first time, XTRA Lease will offer dry vans built with galvanized rear door frames, rear bumpers, and landing gear bracing and wing plates. Some units also will receive galvanized landing gear legs. These improvements will provide greater durability and resistance to corrosion that often plagues trailer components in harsh conditions.
As with recent purchases, all 53-ft trailers will receive fuel-saving aerodynamic side skirts, low-rolling resistance tires, and trailer tracking units.
XTRA Lease has invested heavily in new trailer orders in recent years, adding more than 35,000 new trailers since 2010. The company is believed to have the largest fleet of skirted trailers in the United States with more than 25,000 trailers.
Fuel-saving aerodynamic side skirts and low rolling resistance tires are standard features on new XTRA Lease trailers. Side skirts save fleets an estimated 5% in fuel costs, based on EPA verification and depending on number of miles and speed traveled. Low-rolling resistance tires can save an additional 1.5% in fuel, again based on a carrier’s trucking operation. Combined, these features can save fleets 6.5% in fuel costs.
Based in St Louis MO and owned by Berkshire Hathaway, XTRA Lease provides over-the-road trailers for rent or lease in the United States, and it has nearly 60 locations.
Access www.xtra.com for complete details.

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