Causes of truckload capacity crunch examined

DAT Solutions, which operates the DAT network of load boards and provides actionable information for transportation professionals, has published a free white paper. The paper is called Truckload Capacity in 2014: What’s Causing the Capacity Crunch and What Can Shippers Do About it?.
Aimed at logistics managers, this paper examines truckload capacity trends from July 2013 onward and responds to a number of questions:
•What caused the shortage of trucks (including severe weather, HOS regulations, fleet bankruptcies, and driver shortages)
•How the shortage of capacity affected spot and contract rates
•Which market indicators shippers can use to better understand future supply and demand conditions
The paper also outlines how shippers can harness “big data” to prepare for volatility in the transportation market and forecast truckload capacity and rates on North American lanes.
Illustrated with charts and graphs, DAT’s 11-page white paper is free and available to download as a PDF here.
Portland OR-based DAT Solutions operates a network of load boards and is a source of supply and demand trends, rate benchmarking, and capacity planning information. Access to learn more.

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