Produce Traceability for Dummies aims to demystify requirements

RedLine Solutions, provider of produce traceability and inventory solutions, has announced the release of Produce Traceability for Dummies, the essential guide to understanding produce traceability for grower-shippers.
“We worked with Wiley Publishing because of the accessible style of the Dummies books,” said Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of RedLine Solutions. “This book is meant to be a quick read to gain an understanding of produce traceability requirements and how readers can implement them in their own companies. We all know FSMA regulations are coming. My hope is this book demystifies produce traceability and promotes adoption within our industry.”
Produce Traceability for Dummies covers all aspects of fresh produce traceability from understanding the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the latest government regulations to an overview of how to choose a good traceability solution. The book even covers what to do in the event of a recall. Additionally, it shows how implementing a good traceability solution can actually save a company time and money.
This book provides all the information grower-shippers need in order to effectively trace their commodities through the supply chain, ultimately keeping healthy produce in stores and saving lives.
Produce Traceability for Dummies is available for download from the RedLine Solutions website.
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