DLNW acquires 18 acres from Port of Quincy WA

DLNW acquires 18 acres from Port of Quincy WA

Diamond Logistics Northwest (DLNW) has secured about 18 acres from the Port of Quincy in Washington state for future expansion of its cross-docking and load consolidation facilities.
The property is in the Port of Quincy’s Industrial Park #6 (10 miles north of Interstate 90), and is next to the new Amway-Nutrilite Botanical Concentrate Manufacturing facility, which is scheduled for completion in early 2014.
This site selection by DLNW complements the Port of Quincy’s emerging reputation as a premier location for produce packing and perishable product shipping and distribution, especially given the port’s location in the heart of Washington’s major fresh produce (apples, potatoes, cherries, onions, and pears) growing region. According to a recent study of 29 western US and Canadian locations with intermodal connections to regional markets, Quincy WA ranked as the lowest-cost location for operating a distribution center or a warehouse.
The Port of Quincy has a state-of-the-art Intermodal Terminal on the BNSF mainline that goes from Seattle WA to Chicago IL. This terminal includes 10,000 feet of track and a container maintenance and cleaning facility in close proximity to provide perishable and produce shippers with distribution and storage capacity in and out of Washington. The Intermodal Terminal is home to the Cold Train, which was launched by Rail Logistics in early 2010 in partnership with the Port of Quincy and BNSF Railway. Since the Cold Train Express Intermodal Service was launched, it has grown in popularity with shippers in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest and East Coast.
Currently, DLNW operates a 15,000-square-foot refrigerated warehouse just north of Quincy. However, the newly acquired property in Industrial Park #6 in the Port of Quincy will allow for additional cold storage space and more room for loading and unloading trucks. The DLNW development is designed to be built in stages with Phase 1 scheduled for construction in the next 18 months.
DLNW has also been working with Cold Train to enhance the service customers receive when they take advantage of the refrigerated and expedited intermodal transportation options available in Quincy.
Additionally, DLNW is committed to minimizing environmental impacts of moving fresh fruit and vegetables from the Pacific Northwest to consumers across the nation. According to a recent report by the energy consulting services firm McKinstry, shipping a container on the Cold Train refrigerated express intermodal service from/to Quincy to/from Chicago reduces the shipment’s carbon footprint by 52% compared with a long-haul truck.
For more information, contact Warren Morgan of Diamond Logistics Northwest at 509-787-7399 or Curt Morris of the Port of Quincy at 509-214-7696.

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